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Welcome to the Huron, Ohio Knights of Columbus,  St. Edward Council 5023

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Grand Knight's Column
I was listening to the gospel recently about Jesus telling the parable of the talents. He tells us how there once was a rich man who went into a far country, but before leaving, he left all his belongings to his servants for them to look after and trade with. To one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another just one, to each according to his ability.A talent was worth about six thousand pence, and in the Gospel a penny is mentioned as a day’s wage for a labourer. So even the servant who received the least (just one talent) still received an enormous sum of money.
The first lesson of this parable is that we have received immeasurable benefits from God and we need to constantly thank him for all the gifts he has given us, life, family, our intellect, our friends and everything else.
The second is that we need to use all those talents that God has given us, both for his benefit and for the benefit of all those around us. We need to make sure not to squander and bury our talents by avoiding others and only doing things for our own interests.
As Knights of Columbus, it is all of our responsibilities to use each our talents charitably, developing and using them for the benefit of others. What better way to do that than through this great Catholic organization that espouses Charity for others as it's chief aim and virtue!
3rd Annual Parish Picnic
The Huron Knights of Columbus were honored again this year hosting our Parish Picnic. Approximately 100 people attended and enjoyed an outdoor Mass followed by yummy food and lots of games. Great weather and a great time was had by all.

Special thanks to Fr. Jeff and Deacon John for performing an extra Mass this weekend. Shout out to Phil Skinn and all the volunteers who made this years picnic another success !
Installation of Officers Ceremony
We held our ceremony August 6th and are very grateful to the gentlemen who stepped up and are serving our council. Thank you and congratulations !

Steve Balcerzak, Grand Knight
Chuck Dieter, Deputy Grand Knight
Bernie Ashyk, Recorder
Helping Hands Food Pantry
The Huron Knights of Columbus thanks everyone who donated August 11th to the Helping Hands Food Pantry. A big shout out to our event coordinator John Gereaux and all the volunteers.

We are blessed to live in such a caring community
September Awards
Knight of the Month is Dave Flores for his extra help with this years Parish Picnic

Youth of the Month is Dominic and Lilian Balcerzak for their exceptional help with the August Food Drive

Family of the Month is Phil & Rita Skinn, heading up the Parish Picnic, Breakfast Buffet, and much more

Lady of the Month is Ann Spriggs for her help at the August Breakfast Buffet and selling Crazr Football tickets for our Council
In His Honor