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Our Council was established in 1961and is dedicated to supporting the many ministries of St. Peter Catholic Church in Huron, OH.  Joining the Knights of Columbus is open to practicing Catholic men in union with the Holy See, who are at least 18 years of age.  A practicing Catholic is one who lives up to the Commandments of God and the precepts of the Church.  We are always happy to meet new people! The Foundations of the Knights of Columbus All the good works we do are informed by our four core principles: Charity    -    Our    Catholic    faith    teaches    us    to    “Love    thy    neighbor    as thyself.”    Members    of    the    Knights    of    Columbus    show    love    for    their neighbors   by   conducting   food   drives   and   donating   the   food   to   local soup   kitchens   and   food   pantries,   by   volunteering   at   Special   Olympics, and   by   supporting,   both   spiritually   and   materially,   mothers   who   choose life   for   their   babies.   Knights   recognize   that   our   mission,   and   our   faith   in God,   compels   us   to   action.   There   is   no   better   way   to   experience   love and   compassion   than   by   helping   those   in   need,   a   call   we   answer   every day. Unity    –   None   of   us   is   as   good   as   all   of   us.   Members   of   the   Knights   of Columbus   all   know   that   –   together   –   we   can   accomplish   far   more   than any    of    us    could    individually.    So    we    stick    together…we    support    one another.   That   doesn’t   mean   that   we   always   agree   or   that   there   is   never a   difference   of   opinion.   It   does   mean   that   –   as   a   Knight   of   Columbus   you   can   count   on   the   support   and   encouragement   of   your   brother Knights as you work to make life better in your parish and community. Fraternity    –   The   Venerable   Michael   J.   McGivney   founded   the   Knights   of Columbus,    in    large    part,    to    provide    assistance    to    the    widows    and children    left    behind    when    the    family    breadwinner    died    –    often prematurely.   The   Order’s   top-rated   insurance   program   continues   to   do this   today,   as   do   individual   Knights,   who   last   year   gave   more   than   10 million   hours   of   their   time   to   assist   sick   and/or   disabled   members   and their   families.   In   the   Knights   of   Columbus,   we   watch   out   for   and   take care of one another. Patriotism    –   Members   of   the   Knights   of   Columbus,   be   they   Americans, Canadians,    Mexicans,    Cubans,    Filipinos,    Poles,    or    Dominicans,    are patriotic   citizens.   We   are   proud   of   our   devotion   to   God   and   country, and   believe   in   standing   up   for   both.   Whether   it’s   in   public   or   private, the   Knights   remind   the   world   that   Catholics   support   their   nations   and are amongst the greatest citizens.
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Steve Balcerzak - Grand Knight Chuck Dieter - Deputy Grand Knight Bill Klaus - Chancellor Bernie Ashyk - Recorder Dave Bruck - Financial Secretary Ron Cook - Treasurer Joe DeFazio - Lector Bob Kelsey - Advocate John Doyle - Warden Tom Ewart - Inside Guard Wally Bouchard - Outside Guard Joe Mazur - Trustee John Gereaux - Trustee Jack Busam - Trustee Father Jeff McBeth - Chaplain Directors Phil Skinn - Membership Chuck Dieter - Program Roger Frey - Church Bill Klaus - Community Chuck Dieter - Family (Open) - Youth Committee Leads Breakfast Buffet - Joe Mazur Ohio Veterans Home - Joe Lemon and Steve Balcerzak Measure Up - Dave Bruck Lenten Fish Fries - Mark Claus Food Drives - John Gereaux Salvation Army Kettle - John Gereaux Craftsman Ministry - Jim Dudenhoefoer and Jake Claus

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St. Peter Catholic Church 430 Main Street Huron, OH 44839 (419)433-5725
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