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Welcome to the Huron, Ohio Knights of Columbus,  St. Edward Council 5023

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Grand Knights Column
When we wish a Happy New Year to those around us, doubtless we intend to wish that person free from illness, pain, trouble or worry and that each person flourishes, makes more money and that the news is good every morning. But, we must remember that a good year for a Christian is one in which both joys and sorrows help that person to love God a little more each day as time goes by. A good year is one in which we have served God and our neighbor better, even if, in human terms, our life has been a complete disaster. A good year could be one in which we are attacked by a serious illness that has been unsuspected for many years, provided that we use that illness for our sanctification and for the sanctification of those closest to us.
Any year becomes our Best Year if we make use of the graces that God keeps in store for us and which can turn to good the greatest of misfortunes. For the year just beginning, let us ask God to prepare us for all the help that we need to make it a good year and let us not waste even a single day. If we commit a sin or become discouraged, let us immediately begin again, using the sacrament of Penance. May we all have a good year, so that when it is over, we can come before God with our hands full of our sacrifices, hours of work offered up for him, apostolate with our friends and neighbors, the small acts of charity with those around us, and the many little victories over ourselves for God and others. Let us resolve to convert our temporary defeats into overwhelming victories by turning to God each time and starting our work over once again. We must never forget to ask Our Lady for the fighting spirit to continue forward, even when our hopes are flagging, for we always want to give Our Lord each year as if it is the last one that he is going to give us!

Best Wishes for a Wonderful New Year,
Steven Balcerzak
Free Throw Contest
Many thanks to all of the boys and girls who participated in the 1st round of the 2020 K of C Free Throw competition. We had nearly 50 kids in this round and their enthusiasm and sportsmanship was awesome! Kudos to our event organizer Joe Mazur, volunteers, and Ann Asher who was instrumental in our success. Best wishes to everyone who advanced to the next round. Check out our Facebook page for lots of photos
February Awards
Knight of the Month is Dave Bruck for his various contributions to our council

Family of the Month is Paul and Ann Spriggs for their work on the Apple Benefit that helps our Parish school

Lady of the Month is Diane Hahler-Johnson for her work putting together our quarterly newsletter

Certificate of Appreciation was given to Ann Asher for all her help and great ideas driving this years Free Throw Contest 
March for Life
Thank you to everyone who braved the weather Sunday for the March for Life ! 
In His Honor