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Active Recruiting: That means YOU!

Think back to the day you signed your first Form 100, I know for some of you it has been a few years. Do you remember? Let me help… someone asked you to join, didn’t they? The answer is “Yes” for the vast majority of Knights of Columbus So, why is it that when it comes to bringing in new members that we expect them to walk up and say “I want to be a Knights of Columbus. Where do I sign?” Don’t get me wrong, some of you do an outstanding job at recruiting new members. But, again the vast majority of us do not. That’s why I want to talk to you about “Active Recruiting”. What is “Active Recruiting?” o The guy that asked you to join the Knights. o Doing the same for someone else. o Asking a Catholic man to join. o Asking him again in a few weeks when he says, “let me think about it” or “oh, I don’t know”. o Giving every Catholic gentleman the opportunity to join. o Giving every Catholic gentleman SEVERAL opportunities to join. o Passing out literature after mass. o Calling men in your church directory. o Asking for an opportunity to talk to the parish from the pulpit and telling the parish about the Knights of Columbus. o Putting a Form 100 and a pen in a prospects hand and asking him to be a Knight. o Following up. o Taking him to his 1st degree. (Better yet, his 2nd & 3rd too!) o Asking him to be involved thereafter. What is not “Active Recruiting?” o Standing behind a membership table in a church basement waiting to be asked for more information. o Placing a few brochures in the rack at the back of the church hoping someone will pick one up. o Putting a few brochures in the pews once or twice a year in hope someone will read them. Active Recruiting is now and always has been the lifeblood of the Knight. Without it, membership dwindles. Without it, councils falter. We all owe Fr. Michael J. McGivney a great tribute for all he has done for us. How better to repay him than to give every Catholic man the opportunities to share what we, as Knights of Columbus know? It’s now time for you to personally. thank Fr. McGivney by asking someone you know to join the Knights of Columbus. Then, ask him again. Then ask someone else, too. Recruit more than one and become a VIP!
Member Signin
In His Honor